News updates from the Grampian Repeater Group:


  • The 2017 AGM took place today and a new committee were elected to serve for the forthcoming year - see committee pages.


  • The 2017 Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 16th March at 19:30 at the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society at Oakhill Crescent, Aberdeen AB15 5HY. Formal notification will be sent to all members in due course.


  • GB3NG restored to service at 11:30am. Logic memory glitch restored by reprogramming on site with PC.

  • GB3NG off air. It will be some time before this can be investigated. Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • New repeater equipment installed at GB3NG which includes full TX and RX 67Hz CTCSS, timeout, locator/QTH information in CW and full DTMF + GSM SMS remote control. See picture on GB3NG page. GB3GN to be similarly re-equipped very soon. Note that the new equipment is set up for 12.5KHz channel spacing and a maximum of 2.5KHz deviation - users with older equipment set up for 25KHz channel spacing & 5KHz deviation may have audio and access difficulties.

  • Intermittent interference causing squelch to stay open on GB3NG. A site visit will take place ASAP to investigate.

  • Intermittent interference continues on GB3GN. This will be investigated again when time permits.

  • 2016 AGM will be held at 7:30pm on Thursday 10th March at Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society, Oakhill Crescent Lane, Aberdeen AB15 5HY.

  • GB3NG currently using reserve equipment - 1750Hz access only - No CTCSS

  • There is intermittent interference on GB3GN. The source is unknown following two visits to site.

  • Cavity filter issue on GB3NG has now been resolved and both TX/RX performance has been restored
  • GB3NG has temporarily reduced TX/RX performance due to a cavity filter fault. We are currently awaiting spares from the USA
  • The Grampian Repeater Group AGM will take place on the 12th March at 19:30, at the premises of the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society. A membership application form can be downloaded from the "Become a Supporter" tab above
  • GB3GN has returned to service today 26th January. The Grampian Repeater Group thanks Graham GM4OBD for donating a replacement transformer to replace the failed item. Without Graham's assistance, GB3GN would have been off for a considerable period
  • GB3GN - Following a visit to site, the Philips F494 TX/RX mains transformer was found to be short circuit. This is likely to have been caused by a lightning strike. It may be some time before a spare can be located. It is also possible there may be more faults as a result of this. The snow has also made access to site extremely difficult at the moment. More information to follow when available
  • Following a loss of mains supply at Cairn Mon Earn on 12th January, there has been a failure of the GB3GN repeater


    Unfortunately the site landlord has tightened up the requirements to allow site access. Until this is addressed, GB3GN will remain off air until access can be arranged to investigate the fault

  • The GRG AGM will be held on the 13th February, 19:30 at Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society's premises. Please find the 2014 membership document available for download on the "Become a Supporter" tab
  • Following a site visit and repairs, GB3GN is now fully operational again. We apologise for any inconvenience caused
  • GB3GN is currently out of service following a power problem on site. Arrangements with the site host are progressing, but extended due to the festive holiday period. This means our technical resource will not be able to gain access to the site until the week commencing 13th January 2014
  • Following a site visit, GB3GN is now back in full service
  • There is currently a fault with GB3GN – noise is being transmitted followed by time-out of the repeater. 
    Access to site has been arranged with the site landlord for Thursday 12th at Cairn Mon Earn
  • GB3NG returned to service on Tuesday 2nd July 2013 at 20:30 BST, following the issue of the new NoV on 1st July by Ofcom. We apologize for any inconvience caused during the outage
  • It is with a heavy heart, that the Grampian Repeater Group has learnt of the passing of Stanley Sutherland, GM4BKV. Stan passed away in the morning of the 3rd April aged 90 after a short illness. He was a long time member of the Grampian Repeater Group and of the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society, for which, his support cannot be thanked enough.  Stan will be sorely missed by all of the amateur community in the North-East, and beyond
  • GB3NG is currently off air as the existing repeater keeper did not wish to renew the NoV. It was switched off on 31st March. It will take some time for the replacement NoV to be issued by Ofcom to a new repeater keeper and, until that time, GB3NG will remain off
  • Following the AGM, the new committee for 2013/2014 was duly elected as:
Chairman: Dave Scott - 2M0DDS

Secretary: Peter Thomson - GM1XEA

Treasurer: George Anderson - GM0VGI

Technical Manager: Allan Duncan - GM4ZUK

Group Liaison Officer: Calum Craig MM0MRU

Committee Member: Gordon Duncan GM4ZEX

Webmaster: Adam Hutchison - MM0KFX

  • The Annual General Meeting of Grampian Repeater Group will take place on Thursday 14 March at the Aberdeen Amateur Radio Society meeting. The location is the Scout hall in Oakhill Cresent Lane (AB15 5HY). Oakhill Cresent is a cul-de-sac and the lane continues from the end of the crescent. The meeting starts at 19.30. Subscriptions for 2013 are now due and can be paid by returning the renewal or application form (found on the Become a Supporter page) along with your subscription fee to the Treasurer, or you can pay at the AGM between 19:00 and 19:30
  • Following a site visit, GB3NG has now been restored to full working order
  • As of September 23rd 2012, GB3NG is currently offline due to a technical fault. A site visit has been arranged by the committee and we hope to rectify the problem as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause
  • GB3GN is now operational. For coverage maps and info on how to access the repeater, please visit the GB3GN page from the navigation bar above. Reception reports to the committee are welcome at:

  • GB3NG is operational
  • GB3GN is still off air, pending new logic board