Repeater Abuse

In the unfortunate case that there is deliberate and continuous interference to our repeaters, users are requested to notify the repeater committee. Details of the repeater in question, date/time of interference and type of interference caused should be given on contact with a member of the repeater committee. All users are reminded to use the repeaters in accordance with their licensing conditions. Amateurs are reminded NOT to acknowledge an unidentified station.

Below is good advice on how to deal with malicious interference/jamming on any repeater...

"The answer is simply "don't get stressed, give stress". The worst insult you can throw at a jammer is to ignore him. Act like he isn't there. Act like he is of no importance, which of course, he isn't. It's hard, but responding in any form means he's won and you've lost. Instead, take satisfaction in the knowledge that by ignoring him you are also annoying him.

Jammers have a need for recognition, so don't recognise them. Even a one word response is enough to boost their ego enormously. If you respond, he's won and you've lost.

If he's a weak signal and is not affecting your QSO, then carry on as if he wasn't there. Even if you go back with something like "you're not making it so why don't you give up" is enough to boost his ego. He's won and you've lost.

The answer is as simple as the mind of the jammer, switch your radio off for five minutes. If he's still there after five minutes, switch off for half an hour. If he wants to destroy his equipment by continuously keying it up, then let him.

It doesn't really matter what type of jammer he is, the solution is always the same. Either ignore him or switch off. Don't respond, don't get into any sort of conversation with him, don't be weak minded yourself and get manipulated into his games. Just ignore him. If you do anything else, he's won and you've lost.

You've spent a lot of time and money on this hobby; don't let somebody else spoil it for you. You only become a victim if you allow yourself to become one."


Please notify the repeater committee of any abuse using the following address:

gb3gn <at>